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Re: Unable to successfully include cstdlib.h in gcc-g++-4.9.3-1

On 23/12/2015 04:30, ravi r wrote:
When the configure script of RQuantLib package tries to check for boost
development files by compiling this program

         $ cat > /tmp/conftest.cpp <<-EOF
         #include <boost/version.hpp>
         #include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
         #include <boost/assert.hpp>
         #include <boost/current_function.hpp>

         int main () {
                 return 0;

it gets this error

         $ g++ -m32 -c -O2 -Wall -mtune=3Dcore2  -I/usr/local/include -fpermissiv

why "/usr/local/include" and not "/usr/include" ?
You should use the libboost-devel header package

This is on a 64 bit cygwin installation over windows 7.

The definition in cstdlib.h which is source of the problem is
     177 #if !defined(__STRICT_ANSI__) && defined(_GLIBCXX_USE_INT128)
     178   inline __int128
     179   abs(__int128 __x) { return __x >=3D 0 ? __x : -__x; }
     180 #endif

I have cygwin package libboost-devel-1.58.0-1 installed.

but you are not using it...

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