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Re: Why umount -A is a really bad idea

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 09:29:56AM -0400, Doctor Bill wrote:
>It seems like there is endless confusions with cygwin mount's because
>the name of the command is the same as the Unix mount command, and
>some of the command line options are similar.  Has anyone given
>serious consideration to renaming the command to something like,

This thread not withstanding, the "endless confusion" regarding mount is
that the command exists at all.  People seem to be fascinated by the
idea of modifying the registry themselves rather than using commands to
do so.  So, changing the name of the command is not apt to help,
especially since the command has been called "mount" for almost a

I have had a modification to mount waiting in the wings for a while now
which foregos the use of the registry entirely but I can't convince
myself that, if I implement it, the mailing list won't be filled with
the moans of people who now have to do a "mount -a -t ntfs" (or
whatever) every time they reboot.


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