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Re: Help to compile an activestate perl module under cygwin ( Win32-API & assembly )

Hello Stephen,

> I am trying to get Win32-API to compile under cygwin.

> So far I have changed itoa to use sprintf.

> Now I am trying to convert the inline assembly written in intel syntax to
> AT&T syntax so gcc can compile it.

> Can anyone help me with this assembly conversion ?

I started here:
And then found this very useful:

Attached the diff what I scribbled together (most probably totally
wrong, but it compiles now and most of the samples are working).
Please tell me how your versin of Callback is working, mine is kaputt.

After `perl Makefile.PL` modify the Makefile to include the local
TYPEMAP file instead of the global like this in the
# --- MakeMaker tool_xsubpp section:


`make test` isn't working with this package.

About the patches:

The itoa hack was taken from the libwin32 package available at the
mirrors, however the Callback sample scripts are not working, so it
seems that Callback is broken, the other examples are working (more or
less, got strange results with

Remember to build also libwin32 for perl-5.8.5 (besides ODBC & OLE
which isn't currently working for me), edit Makefile.PL to skip these
two directories, not only because it is used for some of the samples,
I think it is useful anyway.


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