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Re: problems with configuring ksh (pdksh) in Cygwin and following problems with Linux cross-compilation there

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
{building of pdksh, modifying cygwin.bat}
: not foundrofile[2]:
: not foundrofile[8]:
: not foundrofile[11]:
: not foundrofile[14]:
: not foundrofile[17]:
: not foundrofile[20]:
: not foundrofile[23]:
: not foundrofile[26]:
: not foundrofile[30]:
: not foundrofile[36]:
ksh: /etc/profile[63]: syntax error: `done' unexpected

Hmm, this is weird.  Do you have the default /etc/profile (as installed by
the 'base-files' package), or did you customize yours?

$ ps -l
    3852       1    3852       3852  con 91693 04:37:11 /usr/bin/ksh
     164    3852     164       2436  con 91693 04:37:22 /usr/bin/ps

What do I need to do to get rid of ": not foundrofile" errors ?

I suspect that the errors are actually '.......rofile[23]:^M:not found'
(the ^M, or CR, is doing a carriage return).  It's possible that a
bash-ism got into the default /etc/profile, or it may be a text/binary
error.  I'll check it out if I can reproduce it.

9:1 that the text is 'ksh: /etc/profile[xx]: \n: not found', which does sound like a lineend problem.

I ran into this once, when I modified /etc/profile with a text editor that didn't understand Unix newlines without paying attention. Assuming that this is the cause, and that /etc is mounted binary, dos2unix should fix it.

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