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Re: rm - access violation not counted in W2k Professional

At 02:42 PM 7/31/2001, Jari Aalto+list.cygwin wrote:

>If rm command is used on file which Win32 labels as "access violation",
>rm will not give any warnings, errors or even set the $?
>File is not removed. - correct - but it shuld give warning
>If I do the same in Explorer, a dialog pos up saying that some other
>process is using the file/directory.

I don't understand your reference to "file which Win32 labels as 'access
violation'" but it sounds to me like you're referring to a file which is
opened for exclusive use by some other program which Cygwin's 'rm' then 
tries to remove.  If this is the case, see from earlier today:

It covers the same topic in a different context.  

If you feel something else should be done here, provide a patch.  Keep 
in mind though that not everyone is trying to use 'rm' interactively 

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