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Re: bash and french keyboard

Hi, Quang, :)

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Quang Nguyen Tuan wrote:

> I get Cygwin few days ago.  With info from FAQ, I can get characters
> like    ...  But for characters like {}[ |, under Microsoft
> cmd.exe I have to press AltGr + another key on my french keyboard,
> under bash how can I do to get them ?

There is a bug in the way that the current Cygwin console handler
determines whether or not the AltGr key (right Alt) should generate
META or should be a modifier to generate these shifted characters.
Most likely the problem (Cygwin's, not yours!) is that you have set
your primary language to French but kept your physical layout as US.
In this case, the console handler will cause AltGr to generate META
and not act as a modifier to generated your shifted tokens in bash.

I believe that Marius Gedminas very kindly created a patch to fix this
behavior (thanks!), but I'm not sure if it's made it into the code
base yet.  For a detailed discussion of this issue, look at this
mailing list's archives for the last two weeks of June.

If you don't have access to cvs or aren't interested in rebuilding
your Cygwin DLL yourself, you might try e-mailing Marius requesting a
copy of his (most-likely) patched CYGWIN1.DLL.

Sorry about this!

---Jason Tiller

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