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Re: Text editors under Cygnus

On Mon, Jul 23, 2001 at 02:22:54PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:
>> And I'll just follow-up on Chuck's comment by pointing out that XEmacs,
>> because it can be built on Cygwin, automatically understands all the 
>> niceties of the Cygwin environment (like mounts, symlinks, etc) by
>> default.
>Bad Larry.  No cookie.  I said no emacs partisanship flamewar. <g>
>However, you DO have to be honest.  While in cygwin-xemacs-21.4.3, the 
>^x-^f file open command (where you type in the name of the file to open 
>in the minibuffer) works with cygwin-style paths, the 'Open' toolbar 
>button does NOT.  The toolbar button activates the windows DLL-based 
>'File Open' dialog, even in the cygwin build.  Since that dialog comes 
>from the windows system libs (comctl.dll?  I dunno) it does not and 
>cannot understand cygwin-style paths.
>That little discrepancy is rather disconcerting, even to a long-time 
>XEmacs user like me.  The older cygwin-xemacs-21.1.13 package works 
>'cygwin-style' both in the (custom built) file-open dialog and in the 
>minibuffer.  I don't know why the change was made in 21.4.x -- probably 
>an mswin-related improvement that bled over to cygwin.  It didn't bother 
>me enough to complain (or code) about it.

That's interesting.  I believe that Insight has/had/will-have/may-have
a similar problem.


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