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RE: does patch.exe work different than other unx patch tools?

Hi Armin,

if you edit your makefile anyway you can as well use Corinna's original

	patch -b -p2 -i ../../db-3.2.9.patch

or I'd use the unixy way:

	patch -b -p2 < ../../db-3.2.9.patch

or for best portability conditionally set a variable to cat or type:

	$CAT patch-file-name | patch -b -p2

Bye, Heribert (

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Armin Theissen [SMTP:Armin.Theissen@Sun.COM]
> Sent:	Wednesday, July 18, 2001 11:42
> To:
> Subject:	Re: does patch.exe work different than other unx patch
> tools?
> Hi, 
> thanks for all your help on that issue. We got the patch working 
> now. 
> First, Corrina's suggestion of forgetting the 'type' works, but 
> the patch is part of a makefile which should work for unix platforms 
> as well ( and the type command is needed there for 
> reasons I don't know right now ( = I don't build the unix stuff). 
> Then, it makes no difference whether I use the newest latest cygwin 
> or the old one (which we need to compile properly 
> from the 4nt shell using cygwin tools). 
> Last but not least, the line-ends. The solution to make the patch 
> working is
> type patch-file-name | tr -d "\015"| patch -b -p2
> armin
	[Heribert]  [snip]

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