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Re: does patch.exe work different than other unx patch tools?

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From: "Armin Theissen" <Armin.Theissen@Sun.COM>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 02:41
Subject: Re: does patch.exe work different than other unx patch tools?

> thanks for all your help on that issue. We got the patch working
> now.
> First, Corrina's suggestion of forgetting the 'type' works, but
> the patch is part of a makefile which should work for unix platforms
> as well ( and the type command is needed there for
> reasons I don't know right now ( = I don't build the unix stuff).
> Then, it makes no difference whether I use the newest latest cygwin
> or the old one (which we need to compile properly
> from the 4nt shell using cygwin tools).
> Last but not least, the line-ends. The solution to make the patch
> working is
> type patch-file-name | tr -d "\015"| patch -b -p2

In UNIX, 'type' may be used to search for a command in the directories
listed in $PATH.  In MSDOS, 'type' copies its input file to STDOUT which is
more like UNIX 'cat'.  That leads me to believe you are already in a MSDOS
(or 4nt) specific section of your makefile.

What problems prevent you from compiling using the latest
Cygwin?  If you have problems in the future with the old version, you are
going to have a hard time finding anyone to help.

> > You appear to be using a rather old version of the Cygwin environment
> > (C:\cygnus\CYGWIN~1\H-I586~1\bin\).  A newer version of Cygwin with the
> > patch.exe built for it might work better.

Mac :})
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