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RE: new to-do item

> >Is this not a cygwin dll issue?
> No.  The Cygwin DLL emulates *UNIX*, not Windows.

Hmmm... Yes, I suppose you're right in that regard.

> We don't add Windows system calls to the Cygwin DLL.

So what you're basically saying then is one can *only* use Cygwin to develop
UNIX programs that should also be able to run on Windows platforms as well, BUT,
even though these programs just so happen to be able to be run under Windows,
they are not allowed to make use of *any* Windows API calls whatsoever anywhere
in their code?? Is that correct?

> >If it's not, then *WHO'S* issue is it??
> It's either a header file or import library issue.
> I've cc'ed this email to the cygwin mailing list.  Perhaps
> someone will be willing to research what needs to be
> done to add this missing function or macro.
> cgf

Thanks. The development team of which I'm a part of  (as is Greg Smith too) has
been for the most part successful so far in developing a product that, with
cygwin's help, runs as easily on Windows as it does on Linux/Unix (*ix)
platforms. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't perform as well under Windows as
it does under *ix. We attribute this poor performance for the most part to the
cygwin code.

We fully understand, of course, that emulating an *ix environment on Windows is
no easy task, and applaud the cygwin people for doing as good a job as they have
in accomplishing that end.

But in order to reach the desired performance level under Windows (*without*
having to rewrite it completely in native Win32 form), we would like to
introduce on an as-needed basis certain Win32-specific logic in a few places.
>From what you're telling me, cygwin doesn't allow (support) that.

If we are unable to do that (i.e. make native Win32 API calls wherever we feel
it's necessary) using the cygwin development environment, then forgive me but
I'm at a total loss as to how to accomplish our desired goal (short of rewriting
it completely in native Win32 using Microsnot's own tools; i.e. developing a
custom "Win32-ONLY" version).

Is there *any* way, using cygwin, to make calls to Win32 APIs?


(If there's a more appropriate email list or news group for such questions,
please let me know. I know you're a busy man and I don't wish to take up your
time if you're not the right person to be talking to regarding this issue.)

"Fish" (David B. Trout)

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