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Re: using cygpath & make


The "echo" command in your test makefile is on a separate line. Hence it is 
executed by a separate shell from the preceding line and therefore does not 
inherit the value of NEW_FLAGS assigned in the previous line (i.e., the 
assignment is to an environment variable, not to a Make variable).

Randall Schulz

At 14:32 2001-07-09, ASH, JAMES (SBCSI) wrote:
>I'm using cygwin to develop applications that will be portable between by
>laptop and the various Unix boxes that we support. I would like to use
>cygpath to manage my path, classpath etc.
>I read this in the user guide on cygpath:
>"The -i option supresses the print out of the usage message if no filename
>argument was given. It can be used in make
>file rules converting variables to a proper format"
>This is exactly what I want to use cygpath for - specifically managing
>CLASSPATH in my make files. But as there is no example, I am at a loss as to
>how to go about doing this.
>I put together a simple target to illustrate what I am trying to do.
>         NEW_FLAGS=`cygpath -p -w /usr/local/bis`; echo new_flags is:
>         echo "${NEW_FLAGS}
>when I run 'make mytemp' , I get:
>$ make mytemp
>NEW_FLAGS=`cygpath -p -w /usr/local/bis`; echo new_flags is:""
>new_flags is:
>echo ""
>NEW_FLAGS appears to be empty.
>running cygpath -p -w /usr/local/bis from the command line gives me:
>which is correct.
>Can someone explain what the user guide is trying to tell me about how to
>use cygpath in a makefile? What am I missing??

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