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Re: openssh bugs

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> Todd Richmond wrote:
> Sorry about this, buy the cygwin alias in your announcment msg is broken or deleted so I am sending this issue to you

I've just checked that. It's ok.

> sshd(with 1.1.4 dll) does not return any output when execing a microsoft executeable from an ssh command line (ssh administrator@machine 'net start') - Cygwin programs work fine and the same MS programs work from an interactive shell

Known problem. This happens when using native Windows commands in
non-interactive mode. You can get rid of that by using the ssh option
"-t" when starting non-interactive commands.

> This version also has the same "cannot change to home directory" bug as the previous release - is that a cygwin dll issue? Adding a home dir "/" to /etc/passwd causes an RSA failure

The path handling code in OpenSSH simply adds "/.ssh" to your home
directory which results in "//.ssh" for the private ssh directory.
No problem on UN*X which simply ignores runs of slashes. In Windows
a run of two leading slashes has a special meaning (SMB path).

I can only repeat what I mentioned often before:
Don't use / as home directory.
This is bad style anyway, regardless of the used system.


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