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Re: Strange cd/CDPATH behavior

--- Erik Nolte <> wrote:
> > > The obvious answer is to stop using DOS style paths with cygwin cd's.
> > > Unfortunately, what I'm really doing is "cd $SRC_PATH" where SRC_PATH is
> > > "W:/src".  SRC_PATH must be a DOS style path to keep javac and other
> > > windows-based software happy (they can't grok paths without drive
> > letters).
> >
> > Use cygpath...
> > >cygpath -u -p c:/
> > /
> >
> > In your example, something like:
> > cd $(cygpath -u -p $SRC_PATH)
> > would probably work.
> I wish I could, unfortunately the cd's are inside makefiles and scripts that
> run both on cygwin/NT/Win2K and on Solaris.  And the Suns aren't too happy
> about cygpath.  I can hack around the problem by unsetting CDPATH or
> creating a SHELL_SRC_PATH (/c) and a APP_SRC_PATH (c:/).  The interesting
> thing is that B20.1 didn't exhibit the problem.  How compatible should 1.1.4
> be with B20.1?
> I'm under the impression that B20.1 is obsolete and that Cygnus (or at least
> the cygwin developers) would prefer people using 1.1.x.  Is that true or
> should we wait until 2.0?

Waiting isn't going to fix any problems.  Changes, IIRC, make itself changed
versions.  I can successfully `cd c:/temp' from the bash prompt so that itself
isn't a problem.  You mention that you have CDPATH set, what is it set to?  If
CDPATH itself contains a ":" character it is used as a list separator, so DOS
paths can't exist in CDPATH unless the "\" quoting character precedes the ":".


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