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Re: Virtual memory exhausted...


According to David Warren, one of the principals of the XSB project (it has 
its own mailing lists, you know), this is a known problem. He told me he 
just compiles the one source file that gives the error with a lower 
optimization level.

I accomplish this by adding one rule to the configure-produced makefile 
that specifies a lower optimization level for the problematic file (I'd 
tell you exactly which level I used and the name of the source file, but I 
don't have access to the machine with that information at the moment. It 
was not higher than -O2, I'm pretty sure, and I think the file was 
something like "emuloop.c").

For me this symptom appears under Windows 2K Pro with the first service 
pack installed.

However, if someone here can answer the question as to why this limit is 
hit (I got it on a system with  512 megabytes of physical memory), I'd be 
interested to hear it. I've  assumed it is an idiosyncrasy either of gcc or 
the Cygwin memory management and not a bug, per se.

And I'd sure like to know where you got that copy of cygwin 1.4.1, though...

Randall Schulz
Teknowledge Corp.
Palo Alto, CA USA

At 12:37 PM 09/25/2000 , wrote:
>When compiling XSB version 2.2 with the default CFLAGS  (which
>included a -O4)  I got a "virtual memory exhausted" message.
>Initially, this machine had been set up with 150M of virtual memory
>(and 64K of physical memory).   According to task manager, it
>bombed at about 200K of total memory commit, which seemed
>about right.   I  spent a lot of time getting rid of unnecessary
>stuff on my hardrive, and increased the virtual memory
>allocation to 500MB.
>Same result.  gcc threw in the towel when total memory
>use was about 200MB, even though task manager showed
>that there was over 300MB remaining.
>There were some rather old messages related to "virtual
>memory exhausted" in the mail archives, but I was unable
>to find anything helpful.
>(By the way, I got it to build by removing optimization
>entirely. )
>Running cygwin 1.4.1 on NT4 SP 5.
>John Velman

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