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Re: strange script behavior with cygwin 1.0 bash

--- Arlen Barr <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using bash 2.03 that came with the cygwin 1.0 distribution and am unable
> to run shell scripts that contain blank lines, I'm guessing because the
> files were created with a dos/windows editor that uses CRLF instead of LF.
> Every blank line produces the error message ": command not found", which
> leads me to believe it is a CRLF/LF problem.  The same scripts work fine,
> however, with bash in the cygwin beta 20 and cygwin 1.1 releases, and I have
> been using --norc and --noprofile options with the cygwin 1.0 bash which
> doesn't seem to help.  Anyone seen this behavior before?

Yes, your error is most likely caused by \r\n line endings.  You must have
text=binary mounts, correct?  There are two ways to correct the problem:

1) remount your directories into text!=binary mode

2) cp foo.tmp && tr -d '\r' < foo.tmp >

3) Oops I said there were only two, use the most recent net release.


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