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Re: Setting cygdrive prefix to '/' causes disappearing mounts

On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 02:07:08PM +0200, Bernard Dautrevaux wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Chris Faylor []
>>Did you actually look at the patch or are you just speculating?
>I'm mainly speculating on how I would understand changing "/cygdrive"
>by "/": I've always expected this to suppress "cygdrive", thus changing
>"/cygdrive/a" in "//a"; I've probably read too fast when I'll see
>somewhere that we can get the old, B20, behaviour, assuming it was by
>setting the cygpath prefix to "/" instead of "/cygdrive".
>So IIUC it's no more possible to get a: mounted on //a only (as it
>seems that /cygdrive/a is still accessible as //a, or is it due to some
>quirk I've done and don't remember?)

//a has always been available in cygwin.  Although its use is
deprecated, it has never been removed and it has nothing to do with

>>I don't know what "matching code" you are referring to but the patch is
>>correct.  Cygwin used to umount any directory that was a subdirectory
>>of a cygdrive path.  Now it doesn't.
>What I've said is that, from a user point of view, to get a: mounted as
>/a, I would have expected setting the cygdrive prefix to the empty
>string, while setting it to "/" would have mounted a: as //a; I agree
>its acceptable to mount it as "/a" when the prefix is "/", but it's
>counter-intuitive and I think a some people may get fooled by this (as
>I was).

I'm not advocating that people set their /cygdrive to / and I will be
changing the example that mentions this.  However you seem to be fooled
by something that you haven't even tried.  Hopefully not too many other
people will imagine problems and refuse to empirically test them.

I characterize these kind of discussions as the "I wonder if it is
raining outside" variety.  Rather than wonder, stick your hand out of
the window and test for yourself.

Rather than speculate on what you think may be wrong, test the snapshot
and report on problems.


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