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Re: how to make a .lib from msfl70d.dll

I apologize for not being clearer.  They do ship two import libraries.  One
is for Borland C++, and one is for MS Visual C++.  They do want people to
use the dll since that is what they are selling.  And, as DJ pointed out, I
am able to use the VisualC++ library with gcc.  I just dont want to if I can
avoid it.
What I want to do is make my own, since that is meant to be doable, and the
process is outlined on the cygwin under building and using dlls.  I
am just failing miserably.

Rajkumar Seth

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From: "Chris Faylor" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 5:09 PM
Subject: Re: how to make a .lib from msfl70d.dll

> On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 04:58:37PM -0400, Rajkumar Seth wrote:
> >Sure I can use the .lib they shipped.  Dont even have to rename it.  Just
> >that Redmond is not someone I trust, and I dont want to get bit by some
> >hidden MS "feature" in their library rendition down the line.  SO would
> >to be able to build a .lib myself.  ALso what if they dont ship the VC++
> >.lib next time.  I would be SOL.
> If they don't ship an import library with the package then they would, for
> some reason, not want programs to link symbols from the DLL.
> If they don't have enough faith in the DLL to allow programs to use it,
> then you probably don't want to even consider it.
> cgf
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