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Re: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION/segfault problems with cygwin 1.1.4

--- Albert Graef <> wrote:
> I've been following the threads about STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION/segfault
> problems for some days now, since I had really bad troubles running a
> software which works without a hitch under Linux and mingw, and also used to
> work with previous gnuwin32/cygwin releases.

Hmm...  I noticed this problem yesterday from less.  I then check the less
version and installed the 4.0 version I had built --with-ncurses and my
problems went away.

> I've been looking into it, and I am 100% sure that's it a problem with the
> latest cygwin release (maybe with the linker or ar, or with the system
> libraries, you experts know better ;-).

I don't yet know what's causing this either.  When I was installing 1.1.4 over
my existing 1.1.3 I did tar -zxvf /tmp/latest/cygwin/cygwin...gz from the /
directory, then exited all cygwin and replaced the cygwin1.dll with the one
from the tarball and had an unusable system.  No process would start. 
Installing with setup seemed to correct this problem but now I'm having other
side affects.

> The problem occurs whenever you build a static library and a program which
> is linked to both this library and libm.a. I can reproduce it with sources
> as simple as the following:

Adding -lm and -lc to the link process are definite problems.  I haven't
reviewed your sample code yet but rest assured you don't want to `gcc -o foo
foo.c -lc -lm'.  As for using gcc and cygwin1.1.4, I've built the cygwin
runtime several times without these problems while using Cygwin1.1.4 product


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