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Re: DLL naming conventions

--- Egor Duda <> wrote:
> Hi!
> Tuesday, 05 September, 2000 Earnie Boyd wrote:
> EB> --- Chris Faylor <> wrote:
> >> 
> >> Of course, if we ever write our "registry as a file system" module for
> >> cygwin, you could have a tar file which extracted executables to /bin
> >> and registry information to /registry/LocalMachine/Software/...
> >> 
> EB> Hey, I like this.  So then, `ls /registry/LocalMachine/Software' should
> then
> EB> list the registry.  Cool, just cool.
> not  so  cool  as  you  can think. i've implemented such "plugin" to
> cygwin  somewhere  around 1998, and ls /registry/LocalMachine/Software
> worked ok. and
> cat "/registry/CurrentUser/Software/Cygnus Solutions/Cygwin/mounts
> v2/cygdrive prefix"
> worked  ok  too. but when i dug into this, i couldn't find good mapping
> from  registry  semantics  to  unix-stype  file  system semantics. for
> example,  registry values can be of several different types -- string,
> multistring,  binary,  dword, etc. what should this be looking like in
> fs tree?

Uhm, the data values would be ok to cat and tar but not ok to ls.  The registry
keys would be the fs tree and the registry data would be the what would be

> putting  /registry/.../ into tar.gz should work, though, if only we'll
> use string type values only.

It should even be ok with the other types of data as long is you ensured the
data was processed in binary mode.

Ok, sure I'm probably oversimplifying it.

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