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Re: RXVT looks weird

> I use:
> rxvt -sr -fn "Courier-13" -e bash

Thanks, that looks better.
I have some more problems with this program, though...

1) My Home/End keys don't work in Bash (they produce a ~ and a beep), though
they work in vim when TERM=xterm. When TERM=cygwin they don't work in vim
either (they change to command mode, freeze 1 second and capitalize the char
under the cursor).

2) When launching from shortcut, I get an NT console window sitting in the
background, black with a blinking cursor and a title bar of "rxvt". This
doesn't happen when launching from a bash prompt.

3) Courier seems to be the only working font, but it doesn't matter what I
set the size to, it's always the same. I'd like to use a different font like
Terminal or the one used by the NT console. How?

4) It doesn't beep. When I use the -vb option (visual beep) it works, but
not very well. I think it's supposed to be a white flash, but I just see a
white bar very briefly on a small part of the screen.

Also, what should I set TERM to? I can only get color with TERM=cygwin, but
I prefer the way it clears the screen after "less" and similar programs when
TERM=rxvt or TERM=xterm...

My command line is:
rxvt -fn Courier -bg black -fg gray -sr -vb -geometry 80x40 -sl
2000 --termName cygwin -e bash --login

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