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Re: ntsec odds and ends (cygcheck augmentation?)

At 01:30 PM 2/5/2003 -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>I think that initial feedback is a *great* idea but if cygcheck can
>provide some kind of information that would allow diagnosing a
>problem, that would be useful, too.
>Maybe it could just dump selected fields from /etc/passwd and

I found the check program I had written and attach it FYI, 
have fun testing weird cases.

Simple things, such as dumping /etc/passwd fields, can easily be done 
from a script, perhaps providing immediate feedback.

I am off till late Sunday. It would be nice if a consensus could emerge 
on how to best solve the recurring problems faced by new users. 
I am convinced that a new setup.exe, with a new and no 
passwd-grp.bat, would solve 90% of the problems.

Meanwhile Cygwin has always made progress from experimentations and one
could give a shot at what I tried in the latest patch.

I am still interested to hear if "mkpasswd -l -c" provides a correct 
entry (the last line) for domain users, in all circumstances. 


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