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Re: serial patch - second attempt

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 10:01:39AM +0200, Jacek Trzcinski wrote:
> Hi !
> I think that there is a problem with this name. In case of serial
> initialization (in method fhandler_serial::open()) it could be utilized
> because its goal is connected with name - it initializes RTS and DTR
> serial lines. Problem is in method fhandler_serial::ioctl().
> Conditional paths utilized by me are concerned with the fact that under
> NT , native serial device driver supports reading of RTS and DTR lines
> by DeviceIoControl() function. Under 9x native serial driver does not
> support it so utilized variables dsr and rts, setting in different
> places of Thus in my opinion, saying
> "must_init_serial_line" in ioctl() method is not accurate because there
> is none initialization there.

> > If you think that the name of the new capability is inappropriate,
> > please suggest another name.



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