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Re: calm now runs on-demand

On 01/07/2017 12:31, Andrew Schulman wrote:
On Apr 17 12:34, Jon Turney wrote:

I recently deployed an update to calm which should causes it to run
on-demand after a maintainer SFTP upload.

Hopefully this reduces the inconvenience of having to wait till the next
scheduled run, after an upload is made which fails due to some easily
correctable problem.

calm continues to also run on a schedule at :10 and :40 past the hour, so it
will still note changes which have been made directly on sourceware.

If you have shell access on sourceware, and make such changes, you can force
calm to run with '~cygwin-admin/bin/calm scan-(uploads|relarea)'.

Given that, it probably makes sense to consider reducing the frequency of
scheduled runs.

I have upload access, but AFAIK not shell access. I think most maintainers
don't, unless that's changed.

Correct. But unless you have shell access to make changes by directly moving files around on sourceware, you don't need shell access to run calm.

Currently, calm runs (i) if a !ready file exists in your upload area when your sftp session closes, and (ii) at 00:10 UTC and every 4 hours thereafter.

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