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Re: Generic build script instructions

Op Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:58:25 -0400 schreef Robb, Sam
in <>:

[Instructions for using the generic build script]

:    Right now, it looks like it's something like:
:    1) Get source tarball (ex, foo-0.1.tar.gz)
:    2) Rename GBS as appropriate (ex,
:       (hereafter refered to as "gbs" for brevity)

(I think that's a bad idea, as this is getting archived and may well
get quoted out of context... (no offense, I hope.))

:    3) Use gbs to set up work area (./gbs prep)
:    4) Configure (./gbs configure)
:    5) Build (./gbs make)

No ``./ check''?

:    6) Install (./gbs install)
:    7) Package (./gbs package)
:    8) Repeat (4) - (7) as needed
:    9) Generate a patch (./gbs mkpatch)
:   10) Clean (./gbs mkpatch)

``./ clean'' (BYKT), and do the ``clean'' first, then the

:   11) Generate a source package (./gbs src-package)
:   12) Generate a binary package (./gbs package)
:   13) If everything looks right, take a deep breath
:       and run "./gbs package all"

You already did a ``./ package''
If you try a ``./ all'' you will destroy your changes, as
the only places the new patch exists, is in the .sinst-directory and
the newly built source-tarball. ``all'' will cause the original source
to be re-extracted, a new patch (without any changes) to be created
and a new source-tarball (including the new, useless patch) to be built.

:    Am I missing something?

Yes. Copy the newly generated patch from the .sinst-directory
to ${topdir} before doing ``./ all''[1][2][3].



1) Doing ``./ all'' should not really be necessary, as you
already did all steps in it (except ``finish'')

2) It was suggested somewhere to use the generated source-tarball in
another location to test it: ``
tar -C /tmp -jxf foo-0.1-1-src.tar.bz2
cd /tmp && ./ all

3) Maybe the gbs will be doing this for you, shortly, using
``./ ispatch'', if my patch gets considered thoughtfully. :]
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