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Generic build script instructions

Igor et. al.,

  Are there any instructions for using the generic
build script, aside from what's documented in the
gdb itself? I'm looking at using the gbs for a couple
of packages, and I'm trying to understand how it was
intended to be used.

  Right now, it looks like it's something like:

  1) Get source tarball (ex, foo-0.1.tar.gz)
  2) Rename GBS as appropriate (ex,
     (hereafter refered to as "gbs" for brevity)
  3) Use gbs to set up work area (./gbs prep)
  4) Configure (./gbs configure)
  5) Build (./gbs make)
  6) Install (./gbs install)
  7) Package (./gbs package)
  8) Repeat (4) - (7) as needed
  9) Generate a patch (./gbs mkpatch)
 10) Clean (./gbs mkpatch)
 11) Generate a source package (./gbs src-package)
 12) Generate a binary package (./gbs package)
 13) If everything looks right, take a deep breath
     and run "./gbs package all"

  Am I missing something?  I'm having trouble figuring
out where I should put the README file and setup.hint -
that should still go into the CYGWIN-PATCHES directory
in the main srcdir, from the looks of things.  Is there
anythign I've missed?


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