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[1.7] Updated: rxvt-20050409-21

RXVT is a VT102 terminal emulator for both X and Windows.
This is a bug fix and feature enhancement release.

[[ compiled using gcc-3.4.4-999 ]]

This release is specific for cygwin-1.7. There are a few minor
differences the between this package and the simultaneously-
released rxvt-20050409-11 for cygwin-1.5, other than the typical
documentation-related ones. Various changes in coreutils for cygwin-
1.7 required additional build system changes in rxvt, but also 
rxvt for cygwin-1.7 uses the new 1.7 path conversion API.

CHANGES (from rxvt-20090409-20)
* Fix bug in postinstall script
* Add -uas (--unixAltSpace) option to bypass Win32 handling
  of Alt-Space key combination, and allow client (e.g.
  Emacs) to handle it instead.
* update setup.hint

OLD CHANGES (from rxvt-20090409-9)
o Fork for cygwin-1.7 development
o Use cygutils to create shortcuts in Start Menu
o Post-install script no longer overwrites configuration
  file /etc/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt.
o Pre-remove script no longer removes configuration file
  /etc/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt if it has been customized.
o Update to most recent libtool
o Switch default font (in X mode) to Courier. This avoids
  possible dependency on not-common font-bitstream-vera-ttf
o Remove font-* package from requires. This means that
  rxvt-x will be "broken" with default installation. BUT
  if you install the X libraries and X server, then surely
  the basic font-bitstream-type1 package would also be
  installed...However, it also means that (typical) native-
  only users will not be forced to install mkfontdir,
  mkfontscale, fontconfig, font-encodings, and all of THEIR
o New command-line parameter "-cd directory" which starts rxvt
  in the given directory.  This allows you to set up a context
  menu item for Windows Explorer directly, without requiring
  chere. The registry entry would be:
    @="c:\\cygwin\\bin\\rxvt.exe -cd \"%1\""
  (along with whatever other command line arguments you wish).
  Contributed by Mark Robinson
o New command-line parameter "-swapButtons" or "-bs" (since
  "sb" is already allocated).  This option swaps the middle and
  right mouse buttons thus making life a little easier for those
  folks with 2-button mice, or who don't wish to use the scroll
  wheel as the third button.  Contributed by Mark Robinson
o Fixed bugs in man page
o Added syslog support to libW11 via custom DllMain(). This
  will help in the future to debug libW11 operation. In fact,
  has already been used to...
o Restore Alt-Space behavior (e.g. pass thru to windows, to
  allow access to Minimize/Maximze/Restore menu). Reported
  by Davide Dente.

Charles Wilson
volunteer rxvt maintainer for cygwin


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